Who Are We

The Christadelphian congregation of Knowle and Dorridge is made up of about 70 members of various ages and backgrounds and a further 25 children.

We meet in the Dorridge Village Hall on Sundays, starting with Bible Hour Preaching Service at 10.00 a.m, then our Breaking of Bread Service at 11.30 .a.m. Sunday School is held during the two services.

We also meet in the Downing Hall in Knowle, on Thursdays at 8 p.m. for our Bible Class and on Friday for our Youth Groups.

We are always pleased to welcome visitors

The Christadelphian community goes back to the 19th century religious revival in America, but our beliefs and practices are in a long line of simple faith going back to the first century church. The name itself was coined during the American Civil War. The teaching of Jesus is inconsistent with service in any fighting force and so Christadelphians in the Northern and Southern States at risk of conscription sought to register as conscientious objectors. To do this the community had to have a name, so Christadelphian was created from two Greek words loosely translated Brethren in Christ.

Our churches are generally known as ecclesias, after a Greek word meaning assembly or church. Our meeting places are plain but friendly and may be in purpose built halls as in Solihull or in rented halls as at Dorridge. We have no altar, but only a simple table with a reading desk. We have no font, for we follow the 1st century practice of baptism of adult believers by complete burial in water. Baptismal services are joyful, marking the beginning of a life of discipleship.

There are about 300 Christadelphian ecclesias across the UK and Christadelphians are also found in about 100 countries across the world.

We have no paid ministers, relying on members to conduct services and give the talks which form part of various services and to run the church, producing an active involvement of most members.

On Sundays the first event is a preaching service at which a talk on an aspect of Bible teaching is given. This is followed with our communion service, called The Breaking of Bread. At this we meet to eat bread and drink wine in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection and in anticipation of his return. We have hymns, prayers, Bible readings and an exhortation rather like a sermon. As well as many familiar hymns, we have some of our own, particularly about the return of Jesus to set up God’s Kingdom or about God’s purpose with Israel. Despite Israel’s many faults, the Bible says they are still God’s people.

We collect money for good causes, run various Residential Care Homes and are involved in preaching work with Christadelphian communities in Eastern Europe, Africa and many other parts of the world.

We are bound together by a wonderful Bible based faith. Everywhere across the community the Bible is read every day, using a plan which enables us to read the whole of the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice each year. Our belief in the Bible as the inspired word of God binds us together in a shared faith and fellowship.

Come along to our services and find out more! We are always delighted to see new faces!

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