DorridgeHope in the local Community!

What we’re achieving with the help of our new team of Christadelphian Outreach Group (COG) representatives!

As a church is based in the village hall we have recently tried to reimagine what we can do to help out in the local community. We’re still thinking of what other events and fundraising we can do but so far heres an update on what we’ve carried out!

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Whats next!?

COG Fundraiser 9th March 2019

A music filled evening at Dorridge Village Hall to raise money for Meal-a-Day.

Clothing Collection 11th November 2018

We mailed the leaflets below to the local area and we say a huge thank you to everyone who brought donations for our first charity clothes appeal. You exceeded our expectations. The pile was enormous, took 3 cars to get it home and around 2 weeks to sort and distribute but we loved doing it. We have donated the clothing and bedding to a variety of charities including a Homeless Shelter, Help for Refugees and St Chads Sanctuary, who all very gratefully received the items. We are planning a similar collection next year, so please start collecting further items!

Open Day 1st September 2018

Our Open Day was an amazing success we raised £700 for Meal-a-Day! This charity is aimed at  helping those in real need. By funding sustainable down to earth projects and using a ‘from the bottom up’ approach!

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