The Bible Today Exhibition

The search is on to find Solihull’s oldest Bible.
Mike Brown and Steve Harris have been scouring their homes to find the oldest ‘good book’ and are encouraging others to do. They will both be staffing the Bible Today exhibition which is running at Knowle Village Hall and are eager for people to bring along old or interesting bibles.
It was Steve’s father Ron, who did just that 20 years ago, and created a conundrum by bringing along a bible that no-one recognised. However with some research it was discovered to be an early collection of annotations, unfinished however, due to the mysterious death of the author in 1679.
A prize will be awarded for Solihull’s oldest Bible, but Steve hopes that people will come along to the free exhibition simply if they would like to know more about the Bible.
“The aim of the Bible Today exhibition is to introduce the Bible simply to everyone, to show its history and message,” says Steve. “To show that the message has survived all the translation and copying over the years and is still relevant for us to read today.”
The exhibition, which is being hosted by the Knowle and Dorridge Christadelphians, runs from July 10-13 at Knowle Village Hall.