Our Services

Breaking of Bread
Our Sunday morning service centres around the Breaking of Bread, when baptised members take bread and wine every week in remembrance of the life, death, resurrection and promised return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The service also include hymns, readings from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, prayers, collection and announcements. Preceding the Breaking of Bread there is an exhortation which is based on different aspects of Bible teaching which encourage us to follow God’s ways. The service lasts about 75 minutes and visitors are welcome.

Bible Hour
Sunday morning Bible Hour centres around a lively, informative presentation of different aspects of Bible teaching and how these are important to life and faith. In addition to the talk, there are hymns, prayers and a Bible Reading. The service lasts about 50 minutes and everyone is welcome.

Bible Class
Our Thursday Bible Class is a semi-formal opportunity to learn about and discuss different aspects of the teaching of the Bible. A different topic is presented and discussed each week. The class normally last about an hour and is followed by coffee. Once a month it is followed by special prayers for those in particular need. Everyone is welcome.

Sunday School
Our Sunday School is where our young people learn about the teaching of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lessons cover all aspects of the Bible from both Old and New Testaments, alongside hymns and prayers, with a total length of 60 minutes.