The Christadelphian Outpost in Dublin

My wife and I are one of a team of 20 or so Christadelphian couples who fulfil a duty rota month-by-month staffing the Christadelphian Bible Mission flat in Dublin. This outreach programme began with one couple from UK who moved to Dublin about 25 years ago in an attempt to rouse interest in reading the Bible.  About 20 years ago two sisters who had been attached to another religious body were baptised and became Christadelphians, and it was about that time that a flat in the south side was rented to provide accommodation and an administrative centre from which the billing of leaflets took place, and seminars were arranged.  It also provides a meeting-place for the weekly communion services, and for a weekly Bible Study Class to be held.  Most years, one or two campaigns are held in different parts of Ireland, on which the participants distribute leaflets advertising Bible Correspondence Courses, the lessons for which are sent out monthly by the current residents in the flat.  The popular “Glad Tidings” magazine is also posted out from there every month.  There is now a small ecclesia of around 10 which meets with the “missionary” couple each week.

Contact can be made through CBM, PO Box 2718, Dublin 4, or by e-mail at