Visit to Chakhlovka


Christadelphians in Knowle & Dorridge look after the pastoral needs of our few members in the former Soviet republics of Tatarstan, Marij-El and Bashkortostan as well as the Kirov region of Russia itself.

In April when most of the snow had gone, two of our members went to look for Nina in Chakhlovka in Kirov region.  The nearest station is 28 hours from Moscow by express train, and then a bus from the station runs only twice a week the 30 km to the village.  The population of the village was down from 300 to 90 since their last visit.  When they eventually found Nina’s shack, it had fallen down.  At last they found Nina – moved to another shack.  She survives by growing potatoes and cabbage during the summer months to see her and her family through the winter.  As well as keeping 4 generations of her own family off her meagre pension, all living in her wooden shack – it takes more than 6 months’ pension to pay for firewood for the minus 42 degrees winter – Nina has taken in a down-and-out she found unconscious in the snow.  As a result of frostbite, he’s now lost both hands and both feet and is totally dependent upon Nina’s care.

Our field workers felt that Nina could teach them quite a lot about pastoral work.