UK Youth Preach

During the summer CALS, a Christadelphian preaching organisation, organised a week’s training, “UK Youth Preach” (UKYP).  The Pioneer Centre in Shropshire was used for 3 days and then CALS’s regions organised 11 preaching Campaigns for 4 days.

24 speakers, hosts and workshop facilitators trained 84 young delegates, a very positive boost to our preaching. They studied why we preach and the role of CALS. Pictures of the first campaigns in 1935/6 showed the initiators, like them, were in their early twenties and also received guidance from older folks. Analytical techniques were used to indicate their natural preaching styles and decide team roles.

In teams ready for the Campaigns, they attended 5 workshops in rotation, so they met everyone else. “Effective Communication” taught the way to approach the public and use a literature display table. “Life’s big questions” explored the problem of suffering and how to answer such questions. “Social Issues” answered those who ask for our views. “Tough Questions” took handling doctrinal issues. “Practical Preparation,” provided opportunities to try Campaign presentation methods.

“Evidence for the Bible” lectures on prophecy, medical discoveries, creation, and archaeology, showed how it could best be used. Planned for delegates to prepare their own “Confession of Faith”, the final evening changed, as a young lady from Nigeria had indeed confessed her faith and was baptised in the swimming pool.

Training concluded with a motivational session, using current world events to demonstrate the urgency of the message, and details of opportunities to help CALS. Then delegates travelled to the 11 Campaigns.

At the Edinburgh Festival many people came to the “Resurrection Inquiry.” Wardley had good attendances at their varied events. North West CALS organised a successful “Beach Preach” in Southport, Blackpool and Morecombe. Derby used “Discover Faithbook” and welcomed 5 visitors to their follow-up seminar.  Using a new kiosk, UYKP dramatically increased Nottingham Bible Learning Centre’s daily footfall. Peterborough signed up people for seminars. Walsall worked hard to publicise their new meeting place and interest has continued. Solihull BLC doubled adult visits and child visits increased 10-fold. Mumbles’ Bible Exhibition had 138 visitors. At Sidmouth Folk Festival the youngsters played their instruments and offered free Bibles and literature. CALS South went to Poole, Petersfield, Wimborne and Winton. Walking around a busy market giving out flyers, many people stopped and talked.

May the Lord bless the training of these youngsters and their experience of preaching.