To Russia with Love

Russia is vast – 71 bigger than UK, stretching 179° of the 360° round the globe. Christianity, permitted only since the fall of Communism, is in its infancy.  Our 250 Christadelphians are thinly spread.  Some practise their faith in total isolation while others meet in groups of two or three.

There are no Christadelphian Sunday Schools there, so a team from Dorridge sends Bible lessons to 100 children each month.  Many families struggle financially or live in isolated villages and can’t get the basic essentials.  So we send each child a starter pack every year.  It contains pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, felt tips, crayons, scissors, glue stick & Sellotape – everything they need for the worksheets and creative activities in the lessons. Also, we pop a paper fastener, pipe cleaner or small ball of wool into each envelope when an activity needs an extra item.

Once or twice a year there’s great excitement when our children’s Bible magazine, Heavenly Treasure, goes out with the lessons.  Packed with stories and exciting things to do, it’s compiled by Ksenya, a talented young Siberian Christadelphian.  We print it in the UK and send it out with the lessons.  Ksenya’s always wanted it in full colour, but that was too costly until now.  However she got her wish this month – Issue 8 is in full colour – and what a difference it makes!

Few people reading this will be Russian speakers, but the pictures are lively – have a look and you’ll recognise the Bible stories and characters in this edition.