The Truth in Africa


There are many thousands of Christadelphians in Africa, and there are some places where the Christadelphian congregation is the only Christian church, and forms the focal point for the local village.

Several charitable funds have been set up to provide for the needs of these believers and their communities – a Welfare Fund gives money to help with urgent needs arising from things such as famine, sickness and poverty, while the Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund finances community projects such as orphanages, bore holes and water tanks.  The needs seem to increase every year, as rising food prices combine with climate change to make it ever harder for families in Africa to feed themselves and their children, and AIDS creates ever more orphans.

The Lord Jesus showed us that preaching the gospel involves both teaching and love – there is no point in trying to preach a message of the love of God unless it is accompanied by an expression of that love on our part.

Several members of the Christadelphian church in Knowle and Dorridge are involved in mission work in other countries, visiting Africa, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union, but everyone contributes to the cost of the work through the collections that we regularly hold.