How I became a Christadelphian – Mark Guyatt

“A Christa-what?”……I asked the only girl that had shown any interest in me after a whole first year at University.

“Christadelphian” came the response……so, trying to look interested, I asked “what’s that all about then?”  

Having spent the first 21 years of my life not having any beliefs and having never read a bible, that question became the start of a different direction in my life.  I had always felt I had a strong moral code of doing things that are right, being honest and putting others before yourself, but the journey I was about to take put life into perspective.  It made sense of where we come from, what we are doing on earth, why we are like we are, and where we are going.

I was about to find out that the Bible was not just a collection of old stories, but it had a consistent message.  An account of God’s creation of the world, his dealings with his chosen people in the Old Testament.  It went on to show the impact that Jesus had on the world and how he overcame sin and gives an opportunity to everyone….even me, to be part of his family.

The main reason I followed up on my question “what’s that all about then?” was that Christadelphians read the Bible and believe only what is written in it.  This was a surprise to me but by reading it for yourself it is clear that God wanted me and you to be part of his family.

I didn’t choose to be a Christadelphian, or have God in my life, God chose me….to be part of my life.  I just needed to meet someone who could help me find my way to the real Gospel message.  Christadelphians can help you find the real “Meaning of life”.