How I became a Christadelphian – Hamilton Wilson

I was brought up in a Christadelphian household, and was taught in a Christadelphian Sunday School.  But that doesn’t mean that you automatically become a Christadelphian when you grow up!  Every Christadelphian’s faith is based on a personal reading of the Bible, and a confession based on an understanding of Bible teaching is expected of everyone who applies to be a member before they are baptized into Jesus Christ.

My father and his friend were keen attenders of the Church of Scotland, and often discussed religious matters together.  But when they approached the minister to ask for answers to questions they had about the Bible and its teaching, they were fobbed off and told that such matters should be left to ministers and theological professors.

About this time they saw an advert in a newspaper advertising a set of Bible Reading charts, called “The Bible Companion”.  Having sent off for copies, they found that, by using it, they could read the whole Bible within a year, the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.  Living in Paisley, about 7 miles west of Glasgow, they began attending Christadelphian meetings in Motherwell, about a dozen miles to the east, and were eventually baptized.