How I became a Christadelphian – George MacDonald

I was a few days old when my parents had me christened, making me a member of the Church.  They were churchgoers and Bible readers and always puzzled – “Why was Church teaching so different from Bible teaching?”

One Saturday, Dad was digging his garden when a canvasser came knocking, inviting people to a Bible meeting, but Dad was far too busy to go to his meeting.  Mum had been twitching the curtain, willing Dad to get rid of the man and get on with the garden.  But when she heard what the man had talked about, she insisted they call him back – she wanted to speak to him too!

They went to a few Bible meetings, but there it rested for four years.  They carried on going to Church.  Then at work, a remark from a sales rep. trying to sell him ball-bearings reminded Dad of those meetings.  Both the door-to-door canvasser and the ball-bearings rep. were Christadelphians, and this time Dad decided to follow it up more thoroughly.  He asked a lot of questions and got clear answers, always from the Bible.  A few months later Mum and Dad were both baptized, and became Christadelphians.

Me? Well, my christening wasn’t Bible baptism, and it was up to me to decide whether I wanted to be baptized properly.  I made that decision when I was 16, and I too was baptized into Christ – I became a Christadelphian.