How I became a Christadelphian – Daphne Kirsch

From early childhood I attended our local Methodist Church, and became more involved as a teenager when I was accepted into membership.

After I married, we moved several times but always joined the local Methodist Church.  That was, until we moved to Cornwall and visited the Bodmin Methodist Church.  However after six weeks of attending, and no-one made any effort to speak to us, we became disillusioned and stopped attending.

Then the Christadelphians held a Bible Exhibition in the town.  Although we didn’t attend the exhibition, two Christadelphian brothers visited the old people’s home where we lived and worked, to arrange for a group to sing hymns there.  Afterwards they both came up to our flat and we talked well into the night.  They discovered we were moving to Warwick to take up new positions, and arranged for someone to come and talk to us there.

During the following weeks we talked about Christadelphian beliefs, some of which I questioned, but some that made much more sense, as everything was backed up in the Bible, which they studied in depth.

It took some time for me to realize that I wanted to be part of their fellowship, and I was baptized into Christ on 1st April 1976.  That was the best decision I have made in my life!