30 second guide to the Knowle and Dorridge Christadelphians

Christadelphians believe..

  • in one true God, who created the earth and man on it
  • that Jesus is God’s Son, who died as the perfect sacrifice and who was the first to be raised from death to live forever
  • that Jesus will return to the earth to set up God’s Kingdom as he promised

Christadelphians read the Bible regularly because..

  • we believe its claim to be the word of God
  • we understand that it is the way God has chosen to reveal Himself to anyone who will read it
  • we find in its pages the best guide to happiness now and future life in God’s Kingdom
  • it contains remarkable prophecies which not only show it is God’s word, but tell us the return of Jesus is near

Christadelphians try to follow the example and teaching of Jesus by..

  • doing our best to put God first in our lives
  • recognising our dependence on Him and our need for His forgiveness
  • seeking to love our neighbours as Jesus taught
  • telling others the good news about Jesus

Christadelphians meet together to..

  • remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in sharing bread and wine each week
  • study and share the teaching of the Bible to encourage one another and share it with others
  • help each other and enjoy one another’s company

Christadelphians understand from the Bible..

  • the special position of the Jewish people in God’s purpose for the world
  • the importance of baptism by complete immersion in water as a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus as he taught his disciples
  • the need to be watching and preparing for the return of Jesus, which will catch many people  unawares

More Information..

  • The name Christadelphian means “brothers in Christ”. It is taken straight out of the Bible from Colossians 1:2, putting the two Greek words for “Christ” and “brothers” together.
  • We are a worldwide community which has been in existence for over 150 years, with some 300 congregations in the UK alone. The Christadelphian congregation in Knowle and Dorridge was established 25 years ago.
  • Our members come from many different places and backgrounds but share a fellowship based on a common belief in the teaching of the Bible. We declare our commitment to following Jesus by being baptised. We continue to remember what Jesus has done in the past and promised concerning his return to the earth by holding a weekly “memorial service” and sharing bread and wine, as Jesus taught his disciples.
  • We encourage everybody to read and discover the Bible message for themselves. We claim no special powers or revelations for ourselves; we are simply convinced that the truth of God’s plan and purpose are only to be found in the Bible.
  • We do our best to keep our worship Bible based. We try to follow the faith and practices of the earliest Christians of the first century. We have no paid ministers, priest or central hierarchy to dictate what we should do or believe. This gives us a faith which is practical and makes sense.
  • We see in the Bible hope for the world. We are very saddened by the state of the world and the neglect of God’s ways, but look forward with joy to the return of Jesus to put things right.