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Life’s Big Questions

What are we living for? What are we looking for? Is there a future for the world or are we drifting towards oblivion? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I headed?

Join us at Elderberry Blacks Cafe (High Street, Knowle, B93 0LY) for an informal, weekly series exploring Bible answers to some of life’s big questions. Four session will run on the following dates starting at 7.30pm;

Wednesday 27th Sep – Why should I believe in a God?
Wednesday 4th Oct – What is the world coming to?
Wednesday 11th Oct – What is the meaning of life?
Wednesday 18th Oct – Is there more to life than this?

Please register your interest for the seminar, and/or specify whether you’d like a free copy of LIFE’S BIGGEST QUESTIONS (we’ll need your address)! The full flyer can be found here.

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Water of Life

We are distributing free bottles of water because we would like you to think about the ‘Water of Life’. The fact is that we need food and drink to stay alive. The Bible is our spiritual food and drink and it contains a wonderful hope. It is described as God’s gift, which will allow us to live forever. John 3 verse 16 records these words of Jesus…

‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.’

As Jesus said, the key is to believe in him. Also in that verse it is clear that it was God, in his great love and mercy, who gave us his son. God wants us to read the Bible, discover the wonder of the teachings of Jesus and believe in him. In John 7 verse 37 it tells us that Jesus stood up and cried out…

‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.’

Our message to you is please learn about Jesus and the glorious gospel message. If we turn to Jesus there is truly a hope that will last forever. Some more words of Jesus to finish.

‘But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.’

So we hope you enjoyed your natural bottle of water and will search after the spiritual water of life. There is plenty of material on this website, but if we can help, please just contact us.

“The Most High [God] rules in the kingdom of men…”

The referendum to decide whether the UK stays in the European Union or leaves is one of the most important events for decades, an event which could have a profound effect on the future of this country, Europe and the world beyond. So what does the Bible tell us about this?

First of all, what happens will fulfil Bible prophecies. You may be surprised to read that Bible prophecies are not only about the past, but also about the present. They tell us about God’s plans for individual nations and for the world at large, and these Bible prophecies have a very good track record – God always keeps His word! For example, in Ezekiel’s prophecy chapters 26,27 & 28 there is a detailed prophecy about how Tyre, the fabulously rich city-state whose merchant sailors ruled the Mediterranean Sea, would be attacked, first by the Babylonians soon after the time of Ezekiel and later by the Greek Alexander the Great, who would finally destroy the city completely. The record of how this was all fulfilled makes fascinating reading and you can still visit the ruins today! It shows that the Bible is no ordinary book, but the inspired word of God.

Secondly, the European Union will not last. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth to replace the current rulers as God’s King ruling from Jerusalem. When that happens other rulers, many of whom the Bible says will oppose Jesus, will be deposed. Another exciting prophecy in Daniel 2 tells of a succession of empires, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman – which were represented by a huge frightening image. This image had a weakness; its feet were part iron and part clay and it was struck by a stone and destroyed by the coming of Jesus. It may be that the European Union is the last hurrah of these human empires!

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, God’s plan will be fulfilled, so find out more now by reading the Bible!

Knowle and Dorridge Fraternal Gathering 2016

Arrangements are of course subject to our Father’s will, and the details are:

Saturday 23rd January 2016

Fentham Hall, Marsh Lane, Hampton-in-Arden, B92 0AH

Exciting Times

Afternoon session – 3 pm
First Address: The King of the North
Second Address: The King of the Earth

Bro John Owen (Mumbles Ecclesia)

Light afternoon tea will be taken between the afternoon and evening sessions

Evening session – 6 pm
The King’s Lair?
Presenting a new video on work in Russia

Bro Martin Evans (Sale Ecclesia)

The Bible Exhibition

In October 2011, we made a special effort to interest people in the Bible. We took four pages in our local paper – Solihull News – to announce our campaign and to tell people why we can trust the Bible and why we should read it. Here are the four pages:

400th Anniversary King James Bible

Solihull Celebrates the King James Bible
The English and Scottish thrones were united under King James in 1603, and in 1604 he commissioned a new translation of the whole Bible into English. He hoped that this would help unite his kingdom since different sections were using different translations of the Bible.

The King James translation was finally published in 1611. Although it was subsequently revised several times until the version generally available today was published in 1769. Although it was not the first English translation of the Bible it became the most famous and it has thrilled countless readers over the last 400 years.

More widely used than Shakespeare
The King James Bible is widely regarded as amongst the finest literature in the English language. One measure of this is the number of its phrases which have come into common use. Shakespeare is reckoned to have contributed around 100 phases (“To be or not to be?” etc) whereas it has been calculated recently that the King James Bible is the source of 257 commonly used expressions.
Did you know these expressions came from the King James Bible?
“Set my teeth on edge”
“Give up the ghost”
“The salt of the earth”
“By the skin of my teeth”
Andrew Motion the poet laureate said “To read it is to feel simultaneously at home, at citizen of the world, and a traveler through eternity” of the King James Bible.
In the 20th century there were over 30 major new English translation published. So far in the 21st century there have been more than a dozen new translations. It is clear that far from fading away interest in the bible remains very strong.

Before printing was invented all documents were copied by hand – there was room for error. By 1611 the original Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament texts were long since worn out or lost. Only copies of copies of copies were available. Many people worried that over the years the Bible might have gradually changed. In 1947 the first of the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. These contained nearly all of the Old Testament books and were around 1000 years older than those available in 1611 and predating the birth of Christ. For the first time it was possible to check for copy errors. The remarkable discovery was that there had been no serious changes over 1000 years of copying by hand. So we know that the Bible translated in 1611 and which we still have today is a faithful copy of the one written by Gods Prophets and Apostles all those years ago.

Major Exhibition
Solihull is to celebrate the anniversary in October 2011. A major international Bible Exhibition will be displayed in Solihull Central Library and the Manor House from Monday 10th to Saturday 15th October.

Drama at Solihull Library Theatre
Solihull’s other major celebration is a play at Solihull Central Library Theatre on Sunday 9th October at 7.30pm. This presents the exciting and sometimes moving story of how the Bible came to be translated into English, with heroic men like William Tyndale being burned at the stake for the “crime” of translating God’s book into a language common people could understand.

The Bible Today Exhibition

The search is on to find Solihull’s oldest Bible.
Mike Brown and Steve Harris have been scouring their homes to find the oldest ‘good book’ and are encouraging others to do. They will both be staffing the Bible Today exhibition which is running at Knowle Village Hall and are eager for people to bring along old or interesting bibles.
It was Steve’s father Ron, who did just that 20 years ago, and created a conundrum by bringing along a bible that no-one recognised. However with some research it was discovered to be an early collection of annotations, unfinished however, due to the mysterious death of the author in 1679.
A prize will be awarded for Solihull’s oldest Bible, but Steve hopes that people will come along to the free exhibition simply if they would like to know more about the Bible.
“The aim of the Bible Today exhibition is to introduce the Bible simply to everyone, to show its history and message,” says Steve. “To show that the message has survived all the translation and copying over the years and is still relevant for us to read today.”
The exhibition, which is being hosted by the Knowle and Dorridge Christadelphians, runs from July 10-13 at Knowle Village Hall.