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UK Youth Preach

During the summer CALS, a Christadelphian preaching organisation, organised a week’s training, “UK Youth Preach” (UKYP).  The Pioneer Centre in Shropshire was used for 3 days and then CALS’s regions organised 11 preaching Campaigns for 4 days.

24 speakers, hosts and workshop facilitators trained 84 young delegates, a very positive boost to our preaching. They studied why we preach and the role of CALS. Pictures of the first campaigns in 1935/6 showed the initiators, like them, were in their early twenties and also received guidance from older folks. Analytical techniques were used to indicate their natural preaching styles and decide team roles.

In teams ready for the Campaigns, they attended 5 workshops in rotation, so they met everyone else. “Effective Communication” taught the way to approach the public and use a literature display table. “Life’s big questions” explored the problem of suffering and how to answer such questions. “Social Issues” answered those who ask for our views. “Tough Questions” took handling doctrinal issues. “Practical Preparation,” provided opportunities to try Campaign presentation methods.

“Evidence for the Bible” lectures on prophecy, medical discoveries, creation, and archaeology, showed how it could best be used. Planned for delegates to prepare their own “Confession of Faith”, the final evening changed, as a young lady from Nigeria had indeed confessed her faith and was baptised in the swimming pool.

Training concluded with a motivational session, using current world events to demonstrate the urgency of the message, and details of opportunities to help CALS. Then delegates travelled to the 11 Campaigns.

At the Edinburgh Festival many people came to the “Resurrection Inquiry.” Wardley had good attendances at their varied events. North West CALS organised a successful “Beach Preach” in Southport, Blackpool and Morecombe. Derby used “Discover Faithbook” and welcomed 5 visitors to their follow-up seminar.  Using a new kiosk, UYKP dramatically increased Nottingham Bible Learning Centre’s daily footfall. Peterborough signed up people for seminars. Walsall worked hard to publicise their new meeting place and interest has continued. Solihull BLC doubled adult visits and child visits increased 10-fold. Mumbles’ Bible Exhibition had 138 visitors. At Sidmouth Folk Festival the youngsters played their instruments and offered free Bibles and literature. CALS South went to Poole, Petersfield, Wimborne and Winton. Walking around a busy market giving out flyers, many people stopped and talked.

May the Lord bless the training of these youngsters and their experience of preaching.

Schools out……

……..the Bible Learning Centre is too!

Young volunteers from across the country will be joining the BLC team during the week commencing August 5th to take the BLC out into Solihull Town Centre and Malvern Park.

Activities for youngsters will include a puppet show featuring Bible stories about Noah, Jonah and the Good Samaritan, face painting and other activities, with balloons and other giveaways for children. For adults there will be free copies of the Gospel of Luke, pens and bookmarks and a special survey designed to test public awareness of the Bible Learning Centre’s role.

“Weather permitting we will be out in the Town Centre each morning and Malvern Park in the afternoon from Wednesday to Friday inclusive,” says John Botten, who is co-ordinating the event. “The Town Centre sessions will normally be from about 10.30 a. m. to 12 noon and the Malvern Park sessions from 2.15 to about 4 p.m. There will be no charge for any of the activities, but we will be accepting donations to the Meal a Day charity”

Raising Awareness
The purpose of the BLC+ event is to raise awareness of the existence of the Bible Learning Centre. “Over 9000 people have visited the Centre, but there are a lot of people who still do not know we are there in Poplar Way, so we want to help them to find us.”

blc_whiteThe purpose of the Bible Learning Centre is to promote Bible reading and understanding, with a special emphasis on reaching those who have never read the Bible before. “We want people who come into Solihull to have the opportunity to come into the Centre at any time when they are in town and find out more about the Bible. This is an amazing, inspiring book which has not only had a huge influence on our society, but which changes lives for the better and has powerful prophecies about the state of the world,”  says John Botten, one of the team of volunteers who manage the Centre. “We are delighted with the positive response we have had from so many people since we opened.”

Further information
Available from John Botten, Bible Learning Centre publicity co-ordinator on 0121 705 0646 or 07958 389378.The Centre is run by the Christadelphians in South Birmingham, and funded by Christadelphian congregations committed to promoting Bible-based Christianity.

Picture Gallery – Open Day

Steaming to success!


Knowle and Dorridge Christadelphians welcomed a large number of people to their Open Day last Sunday. Over 200 cream teas were served as visitors enjoyed the pleasantly warm afternoon buying cakes, plants, second hand books and other Bible reference books, taking rides on the miniature steam railway, watching an enthralling series of puppet shows retelling Bible stories, playing volleyball and boules and listening to live music from a group of young members. Donations to the Meal a Day fund amounted to £642, which will be greatly appreciated by the charity which helps the hungry.

The photo shows the volunteer helpers enjoying a well-deserved train ride at the end of the afternoon.

“We are delighted with the response of the public since this is the first time we have tried this kind of event! We want to enable people to get to know more about us as we approach our Silver Jubilee year and I hope we have succeeded,” said George MacDonald, the event co-ordinator. “I’d like to thank everyone who helped make it happen, especially the Orchard Line steam locomotive enthusiasts!”

Oh that I had wings


And I say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest” – Psalm 55 v6

A wonderful time was had at Slimbridge on the weekend of the 21-23rd June 2013. 28 of us stayed at Wild Goose Lodge on the edge of the Gloucester Canal. The accommodation was excellent with a mixture of double bedded rooms and bunk beds in dormitories and we even had ensuite showers and toilets! We had evening and morning thoughts based on the topic of Wings (linked to the local Slimbridge Wildfowl Centre). We enjoyed a pleasant walk on Saturday morning which included climbing to a good height to get some fantastic views of the local countryside and the Severn estuary. We organised different activities in the afternoon with some swimming at the local leisure centre, others doing some designer shopping and others taking in local sights. A barbecue was expertly cooked on the Saturday evening. Then on Sunday we enjoyed an exhortation by Peter Ward which led us to the breaking of bread when we remembered the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom. This was followed by a lovely lunch following which we departed the centre. It was a wonderful weekend of Fellowship.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” – Acts 2 v42

What do those Dorridge Christadelphians do?

25 years after the Knowle and Dorridge Christadelphians began our church activities in this part of Solihull Borough we’d like to think that you know something about us….

For example, you might have noticed we meet at Dorridge Village Hall every Sunday for our services and Bible School; you might be aware that every Christmas we sing carols in Knowle precinct; – you might even have read some of our invitations to Bible courses or special Bible talks put through your door or know that we run youth activities.

But what do we really do and why do we do it???

Well now you can find out! On Sunday 21st July we are holding an Open Day from 2 p.m. onwards at Dorridge Village Hall and everyone is invited.

There will be information stands and videos about our faith and how it works in action, a Bible Learning Centre stall selling Bibles, children’s Bible books and Bible reference books, activities for children including face painting, Bible story time and puppet shows and outdoor games, plus cream teas, a plant stall and live music. Highlight of the afternoon will be miniature rides behind a working model steam locomotive!

Entry will be free but we will be raising money for Meal a Day.

The Truth in Africa


There are many thousands of Christadelphians in Africa, and there are some places where the Christadelphian congregation is the only Christian church, and forms the focal point for the local village.

Several charitable funds have been set up to provide for the needs of these believers and their communities – a Welfare Fund gives money to help with urgent needs arising from things such as famine, sickness and poverty, while the Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund finances community projects such as orphanages, bore holes and water tanks.  The needs seem to increase every year, as rising food prices combine with climate change to make it ever harder for families in Africa to feed themselves and their children, and AIDS creates ever more orphans.

The Lord Jesus showed us that preaching the gospel involves both teaching and love – there is no point in trying to preach a message of the love of God unless it is accompanied by an expression of that love on our part.

Several members of the Christadelphian church in Knowle and Dorridge are involved in mission work in other countries, visiting Africa, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union, but everyone contributes to the cost of the work through the collections that we regularly hold.